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Steps To Improve Your Insurance Claiming Process In Australia

Steps To Improve Your Insurance Claiming Process In Australia

If you have been in an accident and feel that you are entitled to claim insurance, read further to find out the steps you can take to improve your claiming process in Australia.

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Hold On To All Documentation Related To Your Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be a confusing and drawn out process, which is usually not very enjoyable for most Australians. That being said, there are a few ways in which you can make the process easier and less confusing when claiming compensation for an accident.

Insurance companies require multiple documents and details in regards to your claim before they will compensate you. Depending on what type on claim you are making, you will need medical records, expense receipts and the contact details of any witnesses. Make it your top priority to ensure that you collect all paperwork that you come across throughout your claim, saving you a lot of time and running around later on.

All these documents will prove to be evidence in regards to your claim, so the more documents you have the more capable you are of proving that you are entitled to compensation.

Lodge Your Claim As Soon As You Can

Insurance claims often have strict time limits in regards to the time of the incident and the time of the claim. While these time limits vary from case to case, a general rule to follow is to claim as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Hire Legal Representation That Has Compensation Experience

Lawyers who specialise in compensation cases constantly deal with insurance companies and are familiar with the process of a successful claim. We suggest that when you are seeking legal compensation, you focus on those who are specialist compensation lawyers who can help negotiate your claim with your insurance company on your behalf and decide on the best course of legal action.

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Be Honest Throughout Your Claim

Bending the truth to your insurance provider about certain details is a costly mistake that will refute your entire claim and can result in hefty fines or legal action to be taken against you.

If you lied initially when signing up for your insurance plan, where they would have not insured you otherwise, your provider may also reject your claim. Always remember that insurance companies share client information to databases where your history is kept. Most insurance companies will cross reference all of the information you give them and validate your details before moving forward with you as a client, so you should be honest from the beginning in order to have the best shot at compensation if you should need it in the future.

Insurance companies will not hesitate to contact witnesses or accessing CCTV footage to substantiate your claim. If your story doesn’t match what they discover, they will investigate further until the true story is established and then decide on your claim.

Save Your Speculations

If you are unsure of things, it’s best to save your speculations. Your insurance provider may ask you questions that you don’t know the answer to. All questions such as, “How much compensation do you believe you’re entitled to?” shouldn’t be answered if you are unsure. Simply state that you are unsure rather than speculating.

Be Prepared To Negotiate Your Claim

As the process continues, you and your legal representation will start to get a feel for how much compensation is likely to be given. In some cases, insurance companies will offer you a quick settlement, hoping that you will take less than what you may be entitled to. Don’t feel pressured into taking the first deal that is offered to you, especially in person. Ask for all agreements in writing and ask your legal aid to look over them to ensure that you are getting the compensation you are entitled to.

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Contact A Injury Claims Lawyer

Contact a lawyer today, the NSW Compensation Guide has a number of great lawyer suggestions that work on a no win, no fee policy, so if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Get in contact with a lawyer today and get the expert advice and consultation you need before proceeding with a serious injuries claim. Find a lawyer