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Commonly Made Accident Claims In New South Wales

What Are The Most Commonly Made Accident Claims In New South Wales?

Everyday accidents happen all across Australia in a variety of different settings for endless circumstances. Whether these accidents occur on the road, at work or in a public space, the victims are entitled to seek compensation when it is necessary. Read on for more information about these commonly made compensation claims in NSW.

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Road & Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most common claims in Australia is a car accident claim

Every year the number of road accidents steadily increases, causing motor vehicle accident claims to be among the most popular claims made in NSW. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day, often leading to series injuries for those unfortunate victims who are involved. Everyone involved in the accident whether they were a pedestrian, driver or passenger are entitled to make a compensation claim for any injuries that they suffered.

Common motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Collisions with a property
  • Collisions with a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Collision with another driver or motorcycle rider

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

Why are motorcycle accident claims so common?

Like car accident claims, motorcycle accidents unfortunately occur every day. Those riding motorcycles are far less protected than drivers and therefore put themselves in greater risk of injury in case of an accident. Whether you were a fellow motorcycle rider, driver, pedestrian or cyclist, you are entitled to make an accident claim for compensation for your injuries.

Common motorcycle accidents include:

  • Accidents resulting from other vehicles not giving way
  • Accidents resulting from being rear ended by another vehicle
  • Accidents resulting from the sudden opening of a car door

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Bicycle Accident Compensation Claims

Cyclists have the same rights as cars and motorbikes

Cyclists who share the road with motor vehicles put themselves in risk of serious injury everyday. With the least protection of all road users, when an accident occurs the results can be disastrous. Like drivers and motorcyclists, cyclists are entitled to claim compensation for any injuries that are sustained from a road accident. Whether you are a fellow cyclist, driver, pedestrian or motor cyclist, if you are involved in the accident, you too can claim compensation for any injuries you suffered.

Common bicycle accidents include:

  • Collisions caused by vehicles who don’t give way
  • Collisions caused by vehicles driving in bike lanes
  • Collisions caused by vehicles suddenly pulling out of driveways

Public Transport Accident Compensation Clams

Injuries that are caused on public transport can be claimed

Most people who work in cities like Sydney rely on public transport everyday to get to work and school. Like other modes of transport, there are several injuries that occur on public transport every day which are often unavoidable as the passengers have no control over the vehicle they are in. If you are injured while riding public transport, whether you were on a train, bus, ferry or on the light rail, you are entitled to make a road accident compensation claim to cover the cost of your injury.

The negligent driving of a a public transport vehicle can lead to the injury of passengers, other road users and pedestrians. In all cases, those injured due to the accident are entitled to claim compensation for their injuries.

Public Liability Compensation Claims

When you are injured in a public or private place, you could be able to claim negligence compensation

Injuries happen on private and public property across NSW every day. Many of these injuries may seem small and insignificant such as slipping in a shopping centre, although even the smallest incident can lead to serious joint problems in the future throughout your body. When these injuries occur, they are often the fault of a negligent party such as the owner of the premises, who have failed in their duty of care. If this is the case, you are covered by public liability law which will help your compensation claim for injury on the private premises.

Common public liability accidents include:

  • Sporting injuries
  • School yard injuries
  • Falls and slips in shopping centres
  • Boating accidents
  • Animal attacks
  • Sexual & physical assault

Workers Compensation Claims

Workplace injuries can be some of the most serious and entitle the injured party to compensation

Workers across Australia who suffer from workplace accidents can have devastating injuries that leave them unable to work and earn the income they need to make means end. For this reason, workers compensation exists. Workers compensation assists injured workers during the recovery process and encourages a safe return to work, when and if possible. By making a workers compensation claim, injured workers can receive the income that they lost or will potentially lose due to the workplace accident.

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Diseases caused by an unsafe workplace
  • Pre-existing medical conditions which have worsened due to an unsafe workplace
  • Physical or mental injuries caused by unsafe tasks or an unsafe workplace

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